• FAST
  • By incorporating with the advanced geometric modeling method, IntalatticePro can efficiently generate the lattice structures with multiscale complexities. Comparing to the original version of Intralattice, the pro version is 10 times faster.

  • IntralatticePro supports multiple types of lattice structures including:

    - Uniform lattice structures
    - Conformal lattice structures
    - Randomized lattice structures
    - Homogeneous lattice structures
    - Heterogeneous lattice structures
    - Triply Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS) cellular structures

    Moreover, it also enables designers a great freedom to control the parameters for each type of lattice or cellular structures to achieve the optimal functional performance.

  • IntralatticePro will provide a unique FEA model which can efficiently and accurately evaluate the performance of the designed lattice or cellular structures. This unique FEA model supports designers to take those manufacturing induced imperfection into consideration to further minimize the discrepancies between experimental and calculation results.

  • Based on the simulation model, several design optimization algorithms are implemented in IntralatticePro to support designers get optimal parameters for a better performance. In the design and optimization process of lattice structures, specific Additive Manufacturing constraints can be considered to guarantee the generated lattice structures are fabricable.

  • AND MORE ...
  • We need more information from you and to develop user-customized module of IntralatticePro for different types of applications (e.g. orthopedic implants).


    We are still working hard on the developing of IntralatticePro. The beta version is planned to release on Jan 2018. More customizable module and optimization algorithms will be available in 2018. If you want to keep updating for our latest developing progress, please subscribe our newsletter.